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Joyful & Abundant Living for TM Folks & Others with Walking Challenges

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We want people with Transverse Myelitis and related diseases, like MS, NMO, MOG and others, to learn how life can still be enriching and joyful, regardless of our conditions. To this end we will provide funding for "adaptive adventures," education leading to faster diagnoses, and encourage all of us to aid medical research by registering in a national patient database.

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My Transverse Myelitis


Tuesday, June 28, 2016 about 2:00pm. I’d just received a call from my primary physician. Dr. Carol Straka. After seeing my lumbar-area MRI from earlier that morning, she new something was amiss. She wanted me at Advocate Lutheran General Hospital right away for more tests and observation.


Four days later, my legs were useless – I couldn't not walk a step without a walker. Adding to this injury, I had no control over my bladder or my bowels. I had to wear a diaper and a catheter. Most importantly, I had no what was happening to me.

The Doc Brings The News


Dr. MacDougall came into my room and asked, "Want the good news or the bad news, first?"  Good, of course. "Well, you don't have MS. Your brain is clear. But, you have 

Transverse Myelitis."


What's TM?


It's a neurological condition - like Multiple Sclerosis - with swelling of the Mylen Sheath surrounding your spine. It screws up all communications between your brain, your nerves, and muscles from the waist down. This includes your bowels and bladder. You can't walk. It takes hours to poop. Your pee gets drained into a catheter. For more info on this chronic healthcare condition go to   


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