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Knowledge & Experience

Books on Transverse Myelitis, NMO, ADEM & MOG Antibody, MS, Caregiving & Daily Meditations PLUS Free Magazines & Newsletters 

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Mobility & Independence

Wheelchairs - How to Buy Your 1st One - Standard & Specialty, including Sports Models

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Wheelchair Accessories

Special Suspensions, Graphic Wheel Covers, Durable Bags & Cupholders, Computer Holders & Lights, Mirrors

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Walkers & Raising Canes

Standard (But Not Plain Janes) & Special Walkers. Special Hand-Carved Canes from Raising Canes, Antigue & Specially Crafted.

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Doing the Driving

Van Conversion - New and Pre-Owned, Hand Driving Controls: Permanent and Portable

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Great Adventures

Adaptive Skiing & Scuba, Specially Designed Accessible Land Travel, Adaptive Cruises, Spiritual Sojourns

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Adaptive Fashions

Clairelotte Wheelchair Culture, Target Brand, Tommy Hilfiger Brand

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Adaptive Home Aids

Indispensable Tools, like Grippers, Sock Assistants, Special Wall Handles, Shower Chairs & Tub Benches, Raised Toilet Seats & Side Arms

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Home Care & Support

Professional Caregivers, like Visiting Angels

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Accessible Home Design

Starting from Scratch or Re-Modelling for Accessible Entrance Ways, Doorways, Hallways, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Workshops, Studies & Libraries.

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Home Neuro-Physical Therapy

Five Pieces of Equipment to Help Your Daily Battle Against Walking Challenges.  

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Technology Support

Smart Phone Aps, Alexa Devices, and Ecto-Skeletons

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